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How it all began

I recently attended the RCGP Annual Conference … and whilst there had a bit of an epiphany.

Apparently … I have stuff to say that others want to hear.

For those not in the know the RCGP conference is the college’s national conference for GP’s (of which I am one), where we come together to learn from, laugh with and inspire each other.

I spent most of my seminar times in sessions looking at social media – how to use it, whether we should use it more or detox from it, how it effects us, how it effects others, the teenage brain and social media, etc, etc. Far from finding it the scary place of ‘lost in the ether’ I had imagined, I was inspired by what I heard and straight away set up a twitter account (@EcoGreenGP).

One of the few non-social media related seminars I went to was on green issues (@GreenerPractice)- my biggest and most urgent passion – and from that I realised I could use social media positively to make a diffference…and so I made initial plans for this blog. 24 hours later I had 16 twittter followers (2 weeks later it’s up to 40 .. I’m really ridiculously pleased with the fact!) and had some really positive comments – so thank you to all of you involved in that, you have helped me to go ahead and actually get this off the ground.

I plan to use this blog to discuss eco issues … so whether you are ‘interestedly concerned’, already an activist, just want to help change the planet or a sceptic with more pressing concerns such as finishing work on time and your pension, I hope you will read on. I’ll be very pleased for lots of people from all sort of backgrounds to find themselves here, and hopefully even continue reading, but as I write I will be thinking about talking with other GP’s and will at times use a bit of jargon, or talk about things that are going around the medical press.

My plan will likely evolve – as all good GP treatment plans will – and I would like to invite your comments and thoughts – to hear your ideas and expectations (!) to make this as useful a resource as I can for all who are interested already and those who become interested.


Published by ecogreengp

GP, Wife, Mum, Climate Activist, Enthusiastic Cook. Owner of a car named Leafy, a cat named Biscuit and a hamster named Carrot. Disorganised beyond belief. .... sometimes I don't even put my shoes on.

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