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Climate Emergency

I am so pleased to belong to the first medical college to declare a climate emergency, and even more pleased to read the article linked below which I have already widely disseminated to my (non medical) family and friends. I highly recommend giving it a quick read.

The article wonders, as I do, how we will be seen in history. Did we blithely sit back and do very little, or did we fight, and fight until we made a difference?

I decided long ago that I would always keep going until I made a difference.

Making a difference is often what drives me in my medical practice … a particularly useful outlook when working with the drug users, revolving door custody inmates and alcoholics I have spent a fair portion of my career caring for. Making a difference is always what drives me in the fight for our planet.

So what do you do at the moment and what could you add to that?

Different structures and ideas work for each of us … maybe a big change that upsets your equilibrium and moves things into a new realm works for you, or maybe a series of small changes.

This is a brief list of my top 10 changes in the last 5 years.

  • We have changed our car and our transport habits – currently we have only 1 car, and that is electric (a Leaf … very nice, let me know if you’d like a review of it).
  • We have reduced our meat consumption – we eat meat only usually 3 days a week and any I buy is local, organic, and preferably I remember to take my own container to put it in.
  • We grow some of our own veg and now use a veg box scheme for the rest (local, organic and no plastic waste)
  • We switched our electricity company to one which supplies only 100% renewables to the grid.
  • I have converted nearly all our cleaning products, brushes and cloths (household and personal) into environmentally friendly alternatives (look for ‘plastic free’ and ‘make your own…’ online, or let me know if you’d like an article on it)
  • We cycle or walk if it’s local
  • I episodically write to the MP and council asking for better cycle lanes (be more Dutch!)
  • I ask the customer service departments of the supermarkets asking for less packaging – and give them back any I don’t need
  • We have switched all our lightbulbs to LED
  • We have turned our heating down to 18C and wear an extra jumper if needed.

Other than recently adding in joining the climate strikes and setting up this blog to try to inspire and disseminate information I now feel a bit stuck. … So I’d love to hear what you are doing and we can all add extra things into our reportoires. You an comment here on on twitter @EcoGreenGP


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GP, Wife, Mum, Climate Activist, Enthusiastic Cook. Owner of a car named Leafy, a cat named Biscuit and a hamster named Carrot. Disorganised beyond belief. .... sometimes I don't even put my shoes on.

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