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Living Differently

Once again I seem to have had a longer break than planned. I have started a new job 3 days a week and whilst it is officially only a half day (1 session in GP parlance) each day, what with the round-about commute via my daughter’s school and my total inability to run to timeContinue reading “Living Differently”

Covid Vaccination Ethics Essay

As many of you will know I really started this blog to talk about diet and health – and I will be continuing this long term .However through the pandemic I have written a few articles about my concerns of it’s handling and the changes to our society this has brought / may bring about.Continue reading “Covid Vaccination Ethics Essay”

Breakfast Smoothies

I haven’t written for ages as once again I was consumed by covid-based thoughts (a similar vein to Dr Malcolm Kendrick if you want to check out his blog), yet wanting to write about food…. However as spring comes into bloom the cold fog in my brain is lifting and new food ideas are springingContinue reading “Breakfast Smoothies”

10 Ways With Carrots

A few months ago I did a post “10 Ways with Eggs”. Since then as part of the Real Food Campaign I have agreed to do a few different “10 ways with” articles as resources for the campaign website, and thought I would also post some of them here. Carrots are cheap, nutritious, and inContinue reading “10 Ways With Carrots”

Hospital Food

I have recently had the experience of being a hospital inpatient. This was for a planned orthopaedic procedure and took place at a prestigious NHS hospital. In the admissions lounge (which doubles up as follow-up clinic) there is a poster that says “Are you on the MEND” with MEND standing for Medications, Exercise, Nutrition andContinue reading “Hospital Food”

More about Ethical Sustainable Real Food

I’ve written a fair bit about “real food”; What I mean by it and why I think it is important. Many of you who have seen my posts before will know that I am an ambassador for the Real Food Campaign (RFC). However today I am going to introduce a slightly different way to thinkContinue reading “More about Ethical Sustainable Real Food”

Can we have more of all good things?

Last week I had an addition to my regular veg box – a magazine by the amusing name of “WickedLeeks”. It seems this is something I have been missing in my Riverford experience, as it turns out they have quite an active website. I was very pleasantly surprised by the content, which I foundContinue reading “Can we have more of all good things?”