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Creation Care

Some of you will know, from knowing me or from reading some of my other blog articles, that I am a Christian. My husband on the other hand is atheist (at the moment). His Facebook feed is unfortunately therefore filled with things that I often find distasteful or even blasphemous. However one of them I spotted yesterday made me think… and in particular made me think about our relationship with the Earth.  It said this “God managed to make the whole universe from nothing, but then needed dirt and a rib to make Adam and Eve and needed his son to be born of a teenager”. It was trying I think to show that ‘surely this can’t be true as it makes no sense’ … but I disagree. I think it is a word picture that shows the difference between “flinging stars into space” in abundant creation and joy, and then fashioning, moulding and intimately shaping life on Earth. In the Genesis creation story Adam is made from dirt and Eve is made from Adam’s rib. Adam and Eve share physical origins .. they are intimately connected to each other and to the planet. The Bible goes on to use phrases like “from dust to dust” and “from ashes to ashes” it talks about “2 becoming 1” and “man being born from woman”. All of these emphasise a connection between individuals or a connection between humanity and the Earth we live on. As we are so intimately connected with the Earth it follows logically that we need to care for it; that our prospering is going to rely on the Earth’s prospering … and conversely that the Earth’s downfall will be ours. Creation Care is the term many Christian organisations have opted for when thinking about environmental issues. … I think this is a good way to ensure all parts of the planet – people, plants, seas, soils, icecaps, rivers, and all other living things are included in our thinking.

When you go about your day think about how you are relating to the world in which we live … are you bringing net benefit or net destruction… there is no sitting on the fence.


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GP, Wife, Mum, Climate Activist, Enthusiastic Cook. Owner of a car named Leafy, a cat named Biscuit and a hamster named Carrot. Disorganised beyond belief. .... sometimes I don't even put my shoes on.

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