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Living Differently

Once again I seem to have had a longer break than planned. I have started a new job 3 days a week and whilst it is officially only a half day (1 session in GP parlance) each day, what with the round-about commute via my daughter’s school and my total inability to run to timeContinue reading “Living Differently”


The Dutch Model

I started writing this last post in November 2019 … but it was winter and the mood maybe wasn’t right – what with Brexit being at the top of everyone’s mind. … But now I think the mood is right, and the time is critical. . .. in fact so critical that I am postingContinue reading “The Dutch Model”

News at the forefront and on the backbenches

I keep seeing articles that in various ways link the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change. … whether it is about how the solution for one could be a solution for the other; or whether it is about diet and it’s impact on one or both; or whether it is that maybe those in power willContinue reading “News at the forefront and on the backbenches”

Climate Election?

I have just watched a short BBC podcast on whether this is the first ‘climate election’. The stats and facts on there are sobering and eye opening. For instance I had no idea that a place on the west coast of Wales will have to be abandoned by 2050 due to sea level rises.Continue reading “Climate Election?”

Climate Emergency

I am so pleased to belong to the first medical college to declare a climate emergency, and even more pleased to read the article linked below which I have already widely disseminated to my (non medical) family and friends. I highly recommend giving it a quick read. Making a difference is often what drivesContinue reading “Climate Emergency”