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Breakfast Smoothies

I haven’t written for ages as once again I was consumed by covid-based thoughts (a similar vein to Dr Malcolm Kendrick if you want to check out his blog), yet wanting to write about food…. However as spring comes into bloom the cold fog in my brain is lifting and new food ideas are springingContinue reading “Breakfast Smoothies”


10 Ways With Carrots

A few months ago I did a post “10 Ways with Eggs”. Since then as part of the Real Food Campaign I have agreed to do a few different “10 ways with” articles as resources for the campaign website, and thought I would also post some of them here. Carrots are cheap, nutritious, and inContinue reading “10 Ways With Carrots”

Nutrition versus Nourishment

So, firstly a big apology for being off-line again for a while. This whole COVID thing was getting on top of me, and I’ve been vacillating between wanting to write about it and not. …. in the end decided I would just be ranting and it was unlikely to be helpful…. so took some timeContinue reading “Nutrition versus Nourishment”

Cheap Food?

This is what came in my vegetable box this week (along with the requisite vegetables). Guy, as you can see is worried about food wastage – and I have to agree with him. I’m not saying we should strip everything of all produce it creates, but simply that we should use and eat what isContinue reading “Cheap Food?”