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More about Ethical Sustainable Real Food

I’ve written a fair bit about “real food”; What I mean by it and why I think it is important. Many of you who have seen my posts before will know that I am an ambassador for the Real Food Campaign (RFC). However today I am going to introduce a slightly different way to thinkContinue reading “More about Ethical Sustainable Real Food”


10 ways with eggs

I have become an ambassador for the fledging organisation The Real Food Campaign. One of the jobs I will be doing within that is helping to create a resource of recipes and ideas for those who are wanting to switch to Real Food. (see either the real food campaign website above or my post reading “10 ways with eggs”

Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably – part 5. Lentils

This is not part of my blog, but I really wanted to share this open letter, and ask anyone who is interested in the debates around Covid and Lockdown to read it and to share it. Now, back onto topic. I am an ambassador for The Real Food Campaign, and one of the ideasContinue reading “Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably – part 5. Lentils”

Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably part 4 – When dinner didn’t get planned!

I have already written about Dinner and how I plan it out, in my Real Food post last November, but since then, the kids have grown and the leftovers don’t appear so often – I haven’t quite managed to up the quantities enough on the Sunday veg yet! .. So I am finding thatContinue reading “Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably part 4 – When dinner didn’t get planned!”

Real Food

The Real Food Campaign defines real food as this: nutrient-dense and delicious  (cooked from scratch if possible) should be grown and produced in ways that support health can nurture community supports and restores our soils, our oceans and our natural environment is about respect for plants, for animals, for nature and for the farmers, growersContinue reading “Real Food”