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Why doesn’t it add up?

So, I’m going to do more on my “10 ways with … ” series later in the week, but right now this is an extra, as I can’t get my brain around some things and thought writing them down would help. I then thought there might be others with the same questions / ponderings, soContinue reading “Why doesn’t it add up?”


Using Up and Using Spice

I recently had a conversation with a new acquaintance, Emma, from the Real Food Campaign, talking about herbs and spices and how to get people eating them. Nowadays it baffles me that many people don’t. … and don’t even know how to think about doing so. .. to the point that whilst I find MichaelContinue reading “Using Up and Using Spice”

Farming and Food prices

I had started writing a post about different ways to cook eggs (which I’ll finish for next week), when my Riverford vegetable box arrived at my door earlier today. As usual it contained a folded sheet of recycled, unbleached A4 card with a thought from Guy (the Riverford main-man) and a number of tips andContinue reading “Farming and Food prices”

Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably – part 5. Lentils

This is not part of my blog, but I really wanted to share this open letter, and ask anyone who is interested in the debates around Covid and Lockdown to read it and to share it. Now, back onto topic. I am an ambassador for The Real Food Campaign, and one of the ideasContinue reading “Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably – part 5. Lentils”

Further views on the Covid Pandemic and UK response

I will get back to food, planetary health, nutrition etc soon I promise – in fact it is all very tied up with the long term responses we can choose to make post-covid. (If you want a wonderful uplifting and inspiring view of the world in 10 years, changed for the better by this currentContinue reading “Further views on the Covid Pandemic and UK response”

Flowers in my vegetable patch

This post is inspired by a question my grandfather asked me. He is a wonderful, wise 95 year old who, amongst other things such as writing letters, cooking dinner, visiting neighbours and ringing his grandchildren, still potters around his garden and makes his own compost. He knows more about growing vegetables than anyone else IContinue reading “Flowers in my vegetable patch”

Covid-19: My views on the pandemic and the response

Over the last few weeks I have found it increasingly difficult to articulate what I believe and understand about Covid-19. It suddenly struck me that this is because I (unlike the government, the media and even SAGE it seems) do not see Covid-19 in isolation from the rest of life, health, illness, well-being and society.Continue reading “Covid-19: My views on the pandemic and the response”

The Dutch Model

I started writing this last post in November 2019 … but it was winter and the mood maybe wasn’t right – what with Brexit being at the top of everyone’s mind. … But now I think the mood is right, and the time is critical. . .. in fact so critical that I am postingContinue reading “The Dutch Model”