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Fish and seafood are excellent sources of protein, and if of the right varieties, also of Omega 3s (DHA and EPA), Vitamin D, B vitamins, selenium, iodine and potassium. As such they can contribute to our immune system function, our brain function, our metabolism, our thyroid function, our nerve functions and our bone strength. EatingContinue reading “Fish”


Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably part 4 – When dinner didn’t get planned!

I have already written about Dinner and how I plan it out, in my Real Food post last November, but since then, the kids have grown and the leftovers don’t appear so often – I haven’t quite managed to up the quantities enough on the Sunday veg yet! .. So I am finding thatContinue reading “Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably part 4 – When dinner didn’t get planned!”

Nutrition versus Nourishment

So, firstly a big apology for being off-line again for a while. This whole COVID thing was getting on top of me, and I’ve been vacillating between wanting to write about it and not. …. in the end decided I would just be ranting and it was unlikely to be helpful…. so took some timeContinue reading “Nutrition versus Nourishment”

Poorly People, Poorly Planet

It is not new or inventive or original to suggest that the health of our planet affects the health of the human population. In fact the way we measure the health of the planet is to look at the numbers and fertility rates of numerous species around the globe … so pointing out that theyContinue reading “Poorly People, Poorly Planet”

Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably – part 3. Lunch

So, we are 4 weeks into Covid-19 UK lockdown, and I am keen to get back to the series I was doing before this outbreak, on eating well without a big wallet. My initial though was “urgh, I’ve had enough of everyone talking and writing about coronavirus, I’m going to just go back to writingContinue reading “Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably – part 3. Lunch”

News at the forefront and on the backbenches

I keep seeing articles that in various ways link the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change. … whether it is about how the solution for one could be a solution for the other; or whether it is about diet and it’s impact on one or both; or whether it is that maybe those in power willContinue reading “News at the forefront and on the backbenches”

Hope in Dark

This is my second post since the start of the corona Covid-19 outbreak in this country. I wanted to write this as it has struck me how many people are talking about things in a way that suggests an external force or higher power; using words like “sent”, “pray”, “show”, “meant”. “It is sent toContinue reading “Hope in Dark”

Pondering my ways in the modern hectic world

I came through this morning feeling quite stress-y after stupidly having put my phone in the bedroom rather than downstairs over-night. This meant that my first 30 minutes were spent browsing twitter… and because my twitter feed is geared to health, nutrition and environment, this obviously meant that I was subjected to arguments about meatContinue reading “Pondering my ways in the modern hectic world”

Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably – part 2: Soup

I love soup. My kids will confirm this. I would happily eat soup every day, sometimes twice a day. I make hundreds of different soups … some smooth, some thick, some creamy and velvety. Broths, chunky soups, vegetarian and not. If I like the ingredients, I will in general love the soup. … Just don’tContinue reading “Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably – part 2: Soup”