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The Benefits of Growing Your Own

Several of my previous articles have touched upon various different food sustainability or nutritional health issues. What better way to combine them than to consider what and how we can all grow our own. Some of us may have a large space and be prepared to put quite a lot to food use, others mayContinue reading “The Benefits of Growing Your Own”


Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably – part 1

Over the next few months I am going to create a series of blogs with ideas for protein rich, fresh, easy, cheap and relatively low carbohydrate foods. I will intersperse this series with my more questioning based, usual blogs. Hopefully I can work out how to group my blogs into themes at some point. TheContinue reading “Eating Cheaply, Healthily and Sustainably – part 1”

The Nuances of Food Sustainability

As GP’s we often get asked about health things in the media – the contraceptive pill changes, the HRT scares, the new treatment for this cancer or that neurological illness, the benefits of CBD oil (or not). But what I have noticed increasingly is also a trend on being asked about diet. … and recently,Continue reading “The Nuances of Food Sustainability”

The Smell of the Air

Firstly I apologise for having been absent so long. The last 6 weeks have included highs and lows with Christmas, New Year, DD’s birthday, a family bereavement and an education crisis. My aim is to write 2 posts every 3 weeks and I hope that I can now maintain this for the remainder of theContinue reading “The Smell of the Air”

The True Cost of Food

The Sustainable Food Trust is an organisation I have recently come across which is commited to improve the way we account for and prodcuce food. I urge you to have a look at their site if you are able, and particularly to look at their page on “True Cost Accounting”. If however now is notContinue reading “The True Cost of Food”

Real Food

The Real Food Campaign defines real food as this: nutrient-dense and delicious  (cooked from scratch if possible) should be grown and produced in ways that support health can nurture community supports and restores our soils, our oceans and our natural environment is about respect for plants, for animals, for nature and for the farmers, growersContinue reading “Real Food”

Cheap Food?

This is what came in my vegetable box this week (along with the requisite vegetables). Guy, as you can see is worried about food wastage – and I have to agree with him. I’m not saying we should strip everything of all produce it creates, but simply that we should use and eat what isContinue reading “Cheap Food?”

Climate Election?

I have just watched a short BBC podcast on whether this is the first ‘climate election’. The stats and facts on there are sobering and eye opening. For instance I had no idea that a place on the west coast of Wales will have to be abandoned by 2050 due to sea level rises.Continue reading “Climate Election?”

Climate Emergency

I am so pleased to belong to the first medical college to declare a climate emergency, and even more pleased to read the article linked below which I have already widely disseminated to my (non medical) family and friends. I highly recommend giving it a quick read. Making a difference is often what drivesContinue reading “Climate Emergency”